Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In the past I haven't been one to typically come up with a list of the things I am thankful for specifically for Thanksgiving because it seems a bit contrived and cheesy. With that said being grateful and remembering my blessings is something I am trying to work on so this is a good opportunity. In no particular order and mostly reflecting this fall, here are some of the things I am thankful for...

  • A birthday where facebook makes it easy for so many people that have touched my life through the years to wish me a happy birthday. Really all the thoughtful happy birthdays coming in any form.
  • Getting to teach little "T" how to make and throw a snowball for the first time
  • Really good friends
  • My home haven on Queen Anne
  • Discovering gardening and learning how things grow on my deck (found some good books for container veggie gardening)

  • Moonpie living long enough for me to get home and all he taught me. Plus my mom being here with me when he was ready to die.

  • Now having a geriatric kitty that uses the litterbox at least 90% of the time due to a fantastic new vet, Dr. Lora Schuldt (http://www.catsexclusive.com/). Woohoo!!

  • My health for sure (being sick for over a week really brings this one home)
  • The church and how it brings me closer to God
  • Getting to dress up and dance
  • Crazy herd of siblings
  • My fantastic parents who really are some of my best friends

  • And snow days!

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